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Simply said, a swish of the finest satin, fastened softly around a centre that exudes grace, mystery and anticipation, is all at once - a Bow.

So, when Gunjan Jain sat down at her desk to ideate the image she wanted her brainchild Flourish to project to the world, "the Bow" emerged as an iconic motif that trumped all others.

The Flourish double bows in a regal blue hue (dark and light shades) are attached to a heart-shaped centre knot, inspired by the most simple of fastenings and evocative of the House's commitment to design that is both delicate and elaborate like a piece of fine embroidery.

Entirely unconventional, and almost outstanding in setting a benchmark in handcrafted jewellery, the Flourish Double Bow symbolises a truly rich and peerless aesthetic sensibility that is exceptionally creative and intelligent.

An everyday look, high street style, or a red carpet event - the House of Flourish bow jewellery comprises masterpieces carved with rare gemstones over precious metal. Wear a central bow, shaped as a brooch or earrings as you set out to conquer the day. Or browse through the Flourish fashion catalogue and find your own pendant of a fluid bow in asymmetrical loops to wear on a slim choker near the heart to convey your playful side! Or just slip on that exquisitely dainty ring showcasing a delightful bow finely set with translucent gemstones, signifying a force that is truly you. Everyday luxury jewellery just got more exciting!

The Flourish bow is a classic that at once, distinguishes the wearer while paying allegiance to the popular and contemporary design outlook.

Classic, chic and feminine, the House of Flourish regal blue double bow motif spells ingenuity and technical acumen in designs that are meant to be breath-taking!

And sensational. Just like you.


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